Vincenzo Monaco

Riviera meets the new General Director of Porto Antico di Genova SPA

There are many activities that Riviera is activating in Liguria and Genoa, offering contents and activities in the musical field that can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Precisely to create these connections, partnerships with important Ligurian and Genoese entities are fundamental and Porto Antico di Genova SPA was one of the first to understand our Mission and to want to think with us to build shared cultural paths.

It was therefore a great pleasure to welcome Vincenzo Monaco, the new general director of Porto Antico di Genova SpA, into our spaces.

During the meeting we talked about our activities and showed the spaces with our equipment and arrangements.

It was a truly pleasant and  an interesting meeting to compare your great experience, an exciting start towards building and consolidating new collaborations between us in the coming seasons.

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