Music will have a great future.
Weare sure about that after meeting some of the young musicians of the Conservatorio Antonio Vivaldi in Alessandria after their orchestra rehearsals.

Let’s think about that: 20/21 year-old-students on a Saturday afternoon that were in the hall rehearsing for the concerts they will present in the coming months…this is love!
We talked with them about music and future, passion and profession, commitment and contracts, how to plan their career path to pursue their artistic career in the world of show business and how Riviera can help them.
An afternoon of discussion on fundamental topics such as the importance of knowing how to manage one’s own work while respecting the rules, the colleagues, the public’s tastes and themselves.
It was exciting to hear them ask how they could continue to study and their instrument, while being hired for tours on cruise ships or for other opportunities…. that is love too!
But love alone is not enough and they realised this. After graduation an exciting journey into the world of Music Entertainment and Show Business will surely begin for them, and we will there to help.

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