Curiosity can be understood as a dowry or a defect; it is often the spring to start new paths, get involved and get out of the famous ‘comfort zone’.
“Liceo Pertini’s most curious ones”: that’s how we called the first students of the Istituto Musicale Pertini in Genoa who, after our presentation in their school, decided to visit us in our studios. The aim? To better understand how auditions work, how and where the courses take place, which skills are needed to start working on cruise ships and to approach this glittering but at the same time difficult world.
Accompanied by their music teacher, they arrived enthusiastic, full of passion and dreams!
We talked with them for more than two hours, listened and answered their questions and discussed some of their certainties. It was a pleasure to hear about their future projects, their ideas, their genuine enthusiasm.
They were the first of their school who come here to touch with their own hands all the things discussed during the Open Day, checking whether we are ready to welcome young graduates to give them professional opportunities in the music business.
Once their final exams are over, we’ll welcome them along with all their colleagues to start the path towards realising their professional goals.

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