Curiosity can be understood as a dowry or a defect; it is often the spring to start new paths, get involved and get out of the famous ‘comfort zone’.
“Liceo Pertini’s most curious ones”: that’s how we called the first students of the Istituto Musicale Pertini in Genoa who, after our presentation in their school, decided to visit us in our studios. The aim? To better understand how auditions work, how and where the courses take place, which skills are needed to start working on cruise ships and to approach this glittering but at the same time difficult world.
Accompanied by their music teacher, they arrived enthusiastic, full of passion and dreams!
We talked with them for more than two hours, listened and answered their questions and discussed some of their certainties. It was a pleasure to hear about their future projects, their ideas, their genuine enthusiasm.
They were the first of their school who come here to touch with their own hands all the things discussed during the Open Day, checking whether we are ready to welcome young graduates to give them professional opportunities in the music business.
Once their final exams are over, we’ll welcome them along with all their colleagues to start the path towards realising their professional goals.


The future of music is in the hands of young musicians, and the students of the Liceo Musicale Sandro Pertini in Genoa know it well.
On Tuesday 5th March we met some of the students during an informative meeting to learn more about one of the possible job opportunities that awaits them once they have finished school: the career of the musician on board cruise ships.
Many matters were discussed during the morning: from the most fascinating and fun aspects, such as the possibility of traveling to wonderful places and getting to know people from all over the world, to the more difficult ones, such as respecting the rules and the 7/7 commitment.
Starting from the passion that each of them has for their instrument – from vocals to classical piano, from bassoon to drums, passing through guitar, bass and violin -, the challenge will be to have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and work on the aspects that make them all-round artists.
We can only wish these guys the best of luck as we look forward to meeting them again in our studios and on board to experience this new reality!


Music will have a great future.
Weare sure about that after meeting some of the young musicians of the Conservatorio Antonio Vivaldi in Alessandria after their orchestra rehearsals.

Let’s think about that: 20/21 year-old-students on a Saturday afternoon that were in the hall rehearsing for the concerts they will present in the coming months…this is love!
We talked with them about music and future, passion and profession, commitment and contracts, how to plan their career path to pursue their artistic career in the world of show business and how Riviera can help them.
An afternoon of discussion on fundamental topics such as the importance of knowing how to manage one’s own work while respecting the rules, the colleagues, the public’s tastes and themselves.
It was exciting to hear them ask how they could continue to study and their instrument, while being hired for tours on cruise ships or for other opportunities…. that is love too!
But love alone is not enough and they realised this. After graduation an exciting journey into the world of Music Entertainment and Show Business will surely begin for them, and we will there to help.


The Big Band At Sea is a very challenging project we’ve worked on between 2022 and 2023 and which was inaugurated with the launch of MSC Cruises’ new ship Euribia.
What is a Big Band, you may ask?
It is an overwhelming musical ensemble that manages to excite and involve the audience with the energy and vibrations of the sound it generates. The ensemble is based on the orchestral formations of the 1920s, including the Duke Ellington Orchestra.
Our Big Band is made of 17 elements – rhythm section, 8 wind instruments and 4 strings – and two exceptional vocalists who put on a great show. The talent of so many musicians was the common factor that, together with the unceasing work of the Riviera Music team led by Artistic Director Marco Terreni and Orchestra Conductor Maestro Marco Grasso, made this great dream come true.
A team effort that made it possible to expand the musical offer with a prestigious project, where international music of all times was revisited with new arrangements and orchestrations specially designed for Big Band at Sea.
A wide-ranging and high-quality musical offering for a diverse audience from all over the world has touched everyone’s heart thanks to the Big Band.
Periodically, we organise new auditions to ensure a high-profile cast.
Would you like to be part of it? We’re waiting for you!


On December 6th we inaugurated the headquarters of Riviera Music Entertainment
S.r.l, in the Metelino Building in Genoa, a historic location in a city with a great
maritime and cultural tradition.
The inauguration was held in the presence of representatives of local institutions and
many music training institutions of Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy.
Our mission is, first and foremost, the selection and professional orientation of young
musicians, offering them the opportunity to work on their talent and turn it into a
secure profession.
Our General Manager, Marco Terreni, a musician and producer active in the record
markets at an international level, an expert in the entertainment sector with great
specificity on cruise ships, has built a staff of excellence by combining professional
profiles of great experience. “Riviera Music Entertainment is a reality that was born
on excellent results already acquired during an initial experimentation phase. Many
young musicians, thanks to our orientation, have already been working on board for
some time. On this basis we want Genoa to become, through Music at Sea
International Hub, the first professional address point, a real connection between
supply and demand in the entertainment sector on board cruise ships’.
Riviera’s CEO, Nello Aurilia, also pointed out that “the experience of the staff, the
important collaborations built over years of experience and the successes achieved
in this last year of intense work are a guarantee of the success of the operation”.
6 December was, therefore, a very important day for Riviera’s operational team and
a fundamental moment to sanction the link with the Ligurian territory and the city in
order to collaborate and interact with the existing institutional, educational and
cultural realities and bring opportunities and experiences to support the local cultural
and musical offer.

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