CLIA Cruise Week Europe, the world’s most important trade fair in the cruise industry, was held in Genoa for the first time, gathering in the city the top national and international representatives of the sector. A great opportunity for networking that we couldn’t miss!
Riviera Music Entertainment was Diamond sponsor of the event, offering entertainment during the three evenings coordinated by the organisation.
The opening evening was attended by over 400 guests at the Genoa Maritime Station. After the institutional greetings, our Grace Band (Graziella Garassino – voice, Andrea D’Aniello – drums, Roberto Scalise – guitar, Simone Carbone – bass) had the pleasure of entertaining the guest with a 1-hour-show. With their experience as a party band on board cruise ships, they drew everybody’s attention by playing an international repertoire ranging from the 1970s to the present day.
The second event, CLIA Diamond Dinner. took place the day after in the gorgeous setting of Villa Lo Zerbino. We chose smooth jazz atmospheres to entertain the over 200 guests. Playing the piano, Lorenzo Tonon, a young musician from the Veneto region who already played with artists of international caliber such as Justin Lee Schultz and Giacomo Turra.
The third event, Innovation Expo Happy Hour at the Jean Nouvel Pavilion, featured a highly experienced duo with an exceptional singer: DJ Denny Caputo and saxophonist Luigi Giannino. Together they faced numerous openings for MSC Crociere alongside national and international artists. With them onstage Ginga, former chorister of Zucchero and Mario Biondi.
A great team effort made possible thanks to the support of CLIA, Regione Liguria, Porto Antico, Aristea; thanks to our artists and sound technicians (RPS Service) who responded with enthusiasm by collaborating with Riviera Music Entertainment on this first, very important test bench just 3 months after its inauguration.


On Friday 26th January Riviera Music Entertainment held a career guidance workshop at Creative Hub in Bologna. It was aimed at all musicians and technicians eager to build a successful career on board cruise ships of the leading companies on the market.
Two hours during which the young students of Bologna’s school had the chance to better explore musicians’ life on board: the different stages, what to expect from life on the ship, types of contract to the fundamental skills to possess. In order to present themselves with the right soft skills, Riviera Music Entertainment illustrated its orientation courses at the Music at Sea International Hub in Genoa to become suitable and immediately employable candidates.

The guitarist Roberto Scalise and the drummer Francesco Bossoli brought their experience as musicians on board MSC Cruises, highlighting the main motivations that led them to undertake this path and how the ship’s international environment has positively influenced their careers.
Next step: auditions for the summer and winter season. Will they have the ship factor?
Stay tuned!

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